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White Onion Chutney of Isernia

White Onion Chutney of Isernia

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It is a sweet and sour sauce made from apple cider vinegar, salt, spices.

Unique condiment for cheeses, grilled meats, gourmet sandwiches

150 g package


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White Onion Chutney from Isernia with Orange and Herbs

Chutney is a sweet and sour sauce made from apple cider vinegar, salt, spices and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This sauce is used as a condiment to enrich and flavor a wide range of dishes.

Usually prepared with a base of fruits or vegetables slowly cooked with vinegar, sugar and spices, chutney is known for its unique balance of sweetness, acidity and spiciness.

Isernia White Onion Chutney with Orange and Herbs is a variation on the classic sauce and uses high-quality white onions from Isernia, Molise.

In this version, the onions from Isernia are slow-cooked with orange pieces and a selection of aromatic herbs from Provence as the Molise recipe calls for.

The result is a versatile and delicious chutney that combines the distinctive sweet flavor of the onion with the lively acidity of the orange and the fresh aroma of the herbs.

This chutney can be used as a condiment for cheeses, meats, sandwiches or vegetarian dishes, adding a touch of novelty and flavor to every bite.

Isernia White Onion Chutney with Orange and Herbs is a product that highlights the delicious Isernia onion and, more generally, enhances the culinary richness of the Molise region.

The white onion of Isernia is renowned for its sweet and delicate flavor that blends perfectly with the aroma of the orange and the freshness of the herbs.

Using Isernia onion as the main ingredient, this chutney celebrates the quality and authenticity of local products, enhancing Molise cuisine.

Every bite of this chutney brings with it the unique flavors and aromas of Molise.

By purchasing one of the products made from white onion of Isernia, you will support not only the continuation of the cultivation and dissemination of this precious Isernia bulb, but also the continuation of the activities of the differently abled young people of the L.A.I. Cooperative of Isernia.


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