Truffle Burrino | Truffle Manteca

    Truffle Burrino | Truffle Manteca

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    Burrino, also called manteca, is characterized by a "butter heart" on the inside and caciocavallo paste on the outside.

    The truffle variant is really delicate and tasty

    Product Quantity: 300 g approx.


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    Truffle burrino or manteca is one of the special cheeses produced in Alto Molise.

    It is a spherical-shaped pasta filata cheese with a thin straw-yellow head and rind.

    Manteca (or also burrino) is characterized by a "butter heart" on the inside and caciocavallo paste on the outside.

    Burrino has very ancient origins.

    Farmers, constantly moving to neighboring regions, needed to have a food that would last for a long time during the days of travel. Manteca butter guaranteed them a rich, tasty and storable condiment.

    Why buy manteca or burrino:

    - To transport the butter without the paper wrapping, to protect the environment

    - to enjoy the caciocavallo paste that coats the butter

    - to enjoy both on a good slice of bread with jam, or a snack with bread, butter and anchovies.

    Truffle burrino is a mouth-watering and sophisticated variation of the classic burrino.

    The manteca or truffle bur rino encloses within it a knob of butter flavored with truffle cream.


    We recommend using our butter raw because it is very digestible.

    Do not use it for frying;

    Use it in rotation with other fats such as our extra virgin olive oil

    Use modest amounts of it: a little butter spread on bread

    The butter contained in the burrino (or manteca) is a rich and historically and culturally charged food with numerous merits but which requires careful control of its use and consumption in order to reap its full benefits while limiting risks to a minimum.

    Tucked inside a miniature caciocavallo cheese, butter is transformed into a tender and tasty filling perfect for enhancing and flavoring bruschetta, slices of homemade bread, and simple but tasty pasta dishes.

    Ingredients:Raw cow's milk from 100% Alto Molisana production, whey,
    salt, rennet and centrifuged cream with 83% fat matter
    Weight:300 g approx. each.
    Maturing period:4 - 6 days
    Storage method:Store in the refrigerator between 2C° AND 4°C
    To be consumed within:20 days

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    Product Quantity
    300 g
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