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Grape Must Syrup

Grape Must Syrup


Also called cooked must, cooked wine o grape honey

Ingredients: grape juice concentrate 98.5%, sugar.



Net weight: 250 g


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Grape Must Syrup is also called cooked must, cooked wine or grape honey.

What it is.

Freshly produced grape juice is cooked. The cooking process is slow and prolonged for several hours.

Generally, cooked must is ready when much of the water has evaporated.

It appears as a particularly thick and sweet liquid with an intense aroma and a brown color, with reddish to purplish highlights

The water percentage is very low while its sweetening power is very high. It is a nonalcoholic product

Use in cooking

Grape must syrup is used mainly in the preparation of desserts, to garnish and variegate ice cream and to dress salads.

It can also be consumed on savory foods-in fact, delicious and unique combinations are created with our cheeses.

It is an alternative liquid sweetener to honey.

Diluted with water, cooked must can also make an excellent thirst-quenching drink.

It is also known for some therapeutic effects. Rich in minerals, it is a restorative and also a food supplement.


Taralli with cooked must


- 4 Eggs

- 300 g Sugar

- 250 g Bitter cocoa powder

- 1 kg Flour

- 50 g Milk

- 150 g Grape Must syrup

- 1 Sachet baking powder for cakes

- 300 g Almonds (with skins roasted and coarsely chopped)

- Half a sachet cinnamon powder

- a few cloves

- 150 g Olive oil

- tangerine peel (or grated orange)


On the pastry board make a well with the flour, cocoa, eggs, oil, spices, grated tangerine peel, cooked must, sugar and baking powder.

Knead, adding a little milk if necessary. Add the chopped almonds.

Roll out the dough and form the tarallini.

BAKING: 180° for 15 minutes


Data sheet

Product Quantity
250 g
grape juice concentrate 98.5% (contains sulfites), sugar.

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