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White Onion Compote from Isernia with Gin and Juniper |
White Onion Compote from Isernia with Gin and Juniper |
White Onion Compote from Isernia with Gin and Juniper | White Onion Compote from Isernia with Gin and Juniper | White Onion Compote from Isernia with Gin and Juniper |

White Onion Compote from Isernia with Gin and Juniper


Isernia Onion preserve with gin and juniper.

We propose a sweet preserve made with white onion of Isernia with the addition of gin and juniper.

A compote that enhances the peculiarities of the typical onion of Isernia.

Product Quantity: 150 g


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The Composta di Cipolla bianca di Isernia (white onion compote from Isernia) with gin and juniper is excellent to spread on mature cheeses where it expresses its full potential.

It is also tasty to be tasted absolute.

Compote generally differs from jam because it is richer in fruit and has a lower sugar content.

The sugars used come mainly from fruit with a consequent lower caloric intake.


Among the oldest fairs in Italy there is the Fair of Saints Peter and Paul of Isernia, also called "fair of the onions" (from 28th to 30th June) because the onion is one of the most important products of the region.

June) because the onion is the undisputed protagonist.

The ancient origins of the onion of Isernia can be found in the "Bagliva della fedelissima regia città di Isernia" (1487), which prohibited traders from selling onions.

of 1487, which prohibited foreign traders from selling 'agli e cepolle' (garlic and onions) to protect local producers.

There are three varieties of onions: the red, the white and the majorina (harvested in May).

Looking at old photographs of this fair and listening to the information handed down to us by elderly growers in Isernia, we learned that the authentic and traditional local onion is the white one, flattened in shape, often large or even very large (weighing more than 800 grams in some cases).

The production area of the white onion is mainly the municipality of Isernia in Molise.

The transformation of the onions into Composta di Cipolla bianca di Isernia with gin and juniper also takes place in Molise.


Onions are composed of 90 % water, 1 % protein, very little fat and some important mineral elements such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

In recent years the onion of Isernia has risked disappearing but thanks to the valuable work of the "guardian farmers" there is a generational change.

The activities of the 'Cipolla Bianca di Isernia' association and the 'Cooperativa L.A.I' are geared towards this goal: promoting the culture of preserving the Isernia onion by encouraging new young and not-so-young people to grow the product in question, seeking to create virtuous paths towards the creation of entrepreneurial agricultural activities.

By buying one of the following products based on white onion of Isernia, you will give the opportunity to continue the cultivation and dissemination of the bulb isernino, as well as allow the continuation of the activities of disabled children of the Cooperative L.A.I.

L.A.I., which stands for Lavoro Anch'Io, is a social cooperative that deals with the work integration of disabled people.


You need 140 grams of White Onion of Isernia to obtain 100 grams of Composta di Cipolla di Isernia with Gin and Juniper.

Cooked at low temperature

Artisan Production

Nutritional Values (Average per 100 g)

Energy211.9kcal / 887.3 kj
Fats / Saturated Fatty Acids6,6 g / 2,5 g
Carbohydrates / Sugars29,5 g / 1,7 g
Protein8,2 g
Salt0,6 g

Data sheet

Product Quantity
100 g
White Onion from Isernia, apple vinegar, sugar (10%), juniper berries, gin

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