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White Onion Compote with Orange

White Onion Compote with Orange


A delicious compote that combines the sweetness of the white onion of Isernia with the fresh, citrusy aroma of orange.

It can be used as an accompaniment for cheeses, as a topping for sandwiches or bruschetta, or to add more flavor to meats such as chicken or pork.


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Isernia white onion compote with orange is a culinary preparation similar to chutney but with some distinctive differences:

Ingredients: Both preparations use the white onion from Isernia and orange as the main ingredients, but compotes usually tend to be simpler, with fewer added spices and flavorings than chutney.

Consistency: Compote usually has a smoother, more uniform texture than chutney, which tends to be thicker and chunk-based.

Cooking method: While chutney is cooked slowly over a long period of time to develop the flavors and achieve a thick consistency, compote is usually cooked for a short period of time until the ingredients soften and combine, maintaining a softer texture.

Usage: Both can be used as condiments or accompaniments to a variety of dishes, but chutney is often considered more versatile and can be served with cheeses, meats, sandwiches, and more, while compote is sometimes preferred as an accompaniment to cheeses or sweet dishes.

In summary, Isernia white onion compote with orange is a simpler preparation with a milder flavor than chutney, but both offer a delicious way to enjoy Isernia white onion in combination with orange.


The "White Onion of Isernia" association and the "L.A.I Cooperative" promote the culture of guarding the Isernia bulb by encouraging young and old alike to cultivate the sweet and delicious white onion of Isernia, seeking to create virtuous paths aimed at establishing entrepreneurial agricultural activities.

By purchasing one of Isernia's white onion products, you will support not only the continuation of the cultivation and dissemination of this precious local bulb, but also the continuation of the activities of the differently abled young people of the L.A.I. Cooperative of Isernia.

L.A.I., which stands for Lavoro Anch'Io, is a social cooperative that deals with the labor integration of differently abled people.


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