Tufone Cheese

    Tufone Cheese

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    Tufone Cheese has a mighty, tall, oblong structure with a hard, thick rind.

    It has hints of spiciness and an intense, irresistible aroma imparted by aging in tufa rock environments

    Available in wedges of about 500g and about 1 kg

    Product Quantity: 500 g

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    Tufone Cheese is one of the specialties of the Master Cheesemaker of Upper Molise.

    It is made from the best selected and pasteurized cow's milk.

    Tufone has a rind covered with natural molds, matured during the long aging period in tuff caves.

    It has a spicy and intense flavor.

    Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, ferments, rennet and salt.

    Maturing time: from 4 to 12 months

    Method of storage: in a cool, dry place

    Best before: 12 months

    Vacuum packaging: available in approximately 500g and 1kg wedges

    Suitable for pregnant women, celiacs and vegetarians

    Naturally lactose-free

    Tufone cheese rests for long months in tuff caves. This type of aging gives it the color and taste characteristics that make it unique. Thus it matures its flavor to high notes of spiciness and an intense, irresistible aroma that only a gourmet product can boast.

    Tufone has a mighty, tall, oblong structure with a hard, thick rind.

    When you buy Tufone cheese, you are guaranteed a genuine, high-quality product made with milk from the best farms in Alto Molise


    Tufone is a lactose-free aged cheese.

    Eaten on its own, while sipping a good Molise Tintilia wine, it overwhelms and conquers the palate thanks to its deep and rich hints of flavor.

    Accompanied by white truffle honey and to selected jams it creates a taste contrast to die for.

    Keep it at room temperature for about 30 minutes before savoring.


    Data sheet

    Pasteurized cow's milk, ferments, kid rennet paste and salt
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