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    Onion of Isernia

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    The Isernia onion is white, flattened in shape and often large in size.

    It has a sweet taste and a delicate aroma that makes it excellent for eating raw.

    Product Quantity: 500 g , 1 Kg

    Available from May to July
    Product Quantity: 500 g

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    The Onion of Isernia

    Among the oldest fairs in Italy is the Fair of Saints Peter and Paul of Isernia also called the "fair of the onions" (every year from June 28 to 30) because the onion is the undisputed protagonist.

    June 30) because the onion is the undisputed protagonist.

    Observing old photographs of this fair and listening to the information handed down to us by elderly growers from Isernia, we have learnt that

    that the authentic and traditional native Isernia onion is white.

    It is a variety selected over the years by farmers in the area of Isernia and in June 2019 received the De.Co.

    (Denominazione Comunale di Origine - Municipal Designation of Origin) provided for by the Municipality of Isernia in order to enhance the typical features of the Isernia territory.

    It is cultivated in the municipality of Isernia and in some lands of the neighbouring municipalities such as Macchia di Isernia and Sant'Agapito.

    In recent years, the white onion of Isernia has risked disappearing if it had not been for the precious work of the "guardian farmers", who have continued to cultivate it.

    who have continued to perpetuate this ancient cultivation.

    These increasingly elderly farmers have finally found the right generational change thanks to the association "Cipolla bianca di

    Isernia" association and the "L.A.I. Cooperative", which loudly promote the culture of the custodianship of the bulb of Isernia, encouraging both young and old to grow the product.

    young people to the cultivation of the product in question, trying to create virtuous paths aimed at the establishment of agricultural activities

    entrepreneurial activities.

    By buying onions or one of the products based on white onion of Isernia, you will give the opportunity to continue the cultivation and the

    of the Isernia bulb.

    You will also allow the continuation of the activities of the disabled children of the L.A.I. Cooperative .

    L.A.I., Lavoro Anch'io, is a social cooperative that deals with the work integration of disabled people.



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